The Pen is Mightier and All That …

Well shine a light!  January 2015 is already a memory and February holds so much promise … how is 2015 treating you?

This post has been flirting with me for a while … so here we go!  Sometime between March 1973 and February 2015 (it might have started before – who knows) … I fell in love!  Undiluted, unadulterated, unapologetic LOVE … with words.  I don’t remember the exact moment, but in the quietest whisper, it became my truth!  There is huge irony here, because spelling and me, we are not friends but I love them all the same (and I am very grateful for modern tools).   I particularly love the interesting ones, but then, I love the simple one’s too.  Just this week, I learned and had cause to use the word CABOTAGE – who knew!

Just before she died, I watched an interview with Maya Angelou.  I loved watching her.  I hung off every word.  I loved her wisdom, her statuesque carriage.  I loved her fine southern Baptist point of view.  I listened and waited on her every pearl.  She spoke with such grace and poise, and purpose of word, that you couldn't help but be arrested by her stories.  In this interview, which was an Oprah's Master Class  … she spoke of many things, but it was the portion on words, that has stayed with me.

Our word for February 2015 is Words!

She said that she thought that words were things … of this she was convinced.  She went on to say that we must be careful of the words we use, or that we allow to be used around us.  She spoke of the power of words and that someday we would be able to measure their power.  She thought that words got into our upholstery, that they stuck to our wallpaper, they got into our clothes and then finally, that they were ingest into our skin.  I had a HUGE moment!  In the words of the beautiful Iyanla Vanzant OH MY GOD!  (and if you knew me, that is not something I say very often).  I loved Maya’s words, I agreed completely, but with one addition … I believe that the power of our words is here already.  And they are mighty!  We can’t reel in that unkind statement made in anger and we can’t silence the mean comment that rattles around in our head on re-play at 3am, which echo’s our deepest, most secret fear.  We can’t say that final farewell because we hesitated and the moment is lost … forever. 

The power of words is here already and it can so be measured, even if it is just in the amount on the therapy bills.

But here is the good news … we can use our powers for good and carefully lace our words with encouragement and growth, and lift and promote with but a word.  The power of our words can be measured in how much we believed in them!  How much we encouraged.  How much we tell them we love them.  How much we step out in faith and connected with another human being.  That is their power!  And that power is placed in yours and my hands every second of every day.

So, this month’s challenge … lets watch those words.  Are we telling those we truly love, how much and as often as possible.  That quiet child, that needs your extra support.  That loud insecure friend, that they are enough.  Are we encouraging our friends and colleagues that are doing those wonderful crazy things like sky-diving, because in life we only regret what we do not do.  Are we stepping out on faith and telling that person that they are special in our lives.  Are we messaging a friend who is going through a tough time, that we are thinking of them!  Are we stepping into a space for someone who has lost someone close.  Are we carefully choosing our words, with someone who needs our boundaries? 

Let’s use those wonderful beautiful words for empowerment this month.  Let’s trend good, positive words.  Let’s annoy with kindness, using words to their maximum effectiveness.

Of course I would love to hear from you … positive stories of how your month of using words, changed not only yours but other people’s lives … in the words of Maya Angelou … Just do right

Much Love Always!
Collette in Cape Town

Song of the Post … Say Something! By A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera


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