Be In Search Of The Music

I know, I know – sorry it’s been a wonderful (read crazy … but in the very best possible way) couple of months, since last I posted … my apologies, but it has been abundantly busy.  I have loved the jolt of energy that has spilled over into everything.  I have thought of you often (guiltily and lovingly) but my “next post” has been sparring with me and that particular post won’t be set free just yet because it was supposed to be all about Adventure and Abundance and the whoowhwoooo’ness of Change … BUT we aren’t going there just yet … watch this space …

I don’t know about you but my life is too obligated to keep up with TV, not to mention the guilt you have heaped on about how bad television is for young children – so our TV doesn’t go on until much later in the evenings and that is normally my Q to hit the hay.  Somewhere in season 2 I lost touch with Khaleesi and her winged friends, much to many folks horror, I have never watched a single episode of Suits and I won’t even consider The Walking Dead, but now thank heavens technology has come to my rescue (again) with PVR, TEVO and the ability to download. 

Quite by accident, recently I started watching Mozart in the Jungle.  I loved it - Instantly!  It’s a distressingly short program running only +- 30 minutes instead of the usual 45, but I absolutely LOVE it!  It is set in New York (always a winner) and the lead character is Rodrigo De Souza, the new Maestro of the New York Philharmonic.    I love the passion, the music, the delicious “behind the scenes” view of music in the making, I love the lead with his genius hair and his Latino accent.  Recently we watched him salsa with his people … man alive, can that man salsa!

Last week (S1/Ep4) we watched Rodrigo viewing ancient text scribbled by arguably the ultimate Maestro, Mozart.  As he sat, wearing white gloves to protect the paper, viewed through a glass box, he could hear the music in his head from the sheet music.  He was in awe.  He was completely taken up by the genius on the paper, that it came alive for him, he could hear it.  Suddenly Mozart himself stood next to him, berating Rodrigo for even looking at his text, while he continued to “play it safe”.  I can’t remember the exact dialogue but Mozart NAILED him (verbally of course) reminding him that greatness has never been achieved by playing it safe!


Instantly the “sparring blog” was shelved and I knew this had to be the next one … let’s be in search of the music!  Where are we playing it safe?  Are we even searching for the music?  Are we in pursuit or are we playing it safe?  Where am I playing it safe?  Am I seeing the music in every moment?  Rodrigo was, he was creating the music, if not with his hands conducting or playing an instrument, then in his mind.  He could hear the music in the traffic, in crossing a bridge, in walking along the sidewalk! 

Am I seeing the beauty in every moment or am I tainting it, by it not being quite perfect enough?  Am I hearing that child laughing, or am I annoyed by the noise?  Is my red wine glass half empty or am a savouring a beautiful Merlot with wonderful people?

So now how do I encapsulate that in one word for MayRecognize!  Let’s Recognize the beauty, let’s hear the music and if you can’t hear the music or aren’t able to just yet, then let’s go in search of it!  Let’s see that spectacular sunset, let’s watch those pigeons on the wall, sunning themselves to warm up in the nippy autumn crisp.

So what have I learned … In a moment of my life, when I stand on the precipice of change, I am daunted!  Very daunted!  A million questions and concerns run through my mind … but I truly believe that in life we only regret what we do not do, not what we do and we learn from.  What will I learn and where will it take me?

So what are we waiting for?  Are we in search of that music that makes our soul sing or are we comfortable with coasting?  There is no right or wrong, sometimes we need the world to chill and just for a moment to catch our breath but that doesn’t mean that in the silence and stillness, we still can’t be in search of the beauty in the music.

My challenge to you this month of May is to be in search, to Recognize the music, to see those beautiful moments and to love greatly every moment …

I would love to hear how and when you are hearing the music … Be In Search!

Much Love Always!
Collette in Cape Town

Song of the Post … Love Me Like You Do! by Ellie Goulding


Kathy dV said...

Loved this post!
Recently went to 2 parties - one a dress-up heavy metal party - they played a lovely son near midnight - November Rain - Guns n Roses. Wow, what a song and the music that goes with it.....heavy!
Then last Saturday went to a snoekbraai...lekker! Oh, the song that brought back sooooo many childhood memories - Mississippi (Pussycat).

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