3mm Off!

Once upon a time, there was a very wealthy man and he had made his millions, so he decided he would spend the rest of his days mastering the fine art of getting a very small dimpled ball into a really small hole far far away.  He practiced every day, he was dedicated to achieving and succeeding.  He went to golf weekends away where he studied and practiced under masters, he bought the finest golf clubs, he only used the best balls and like many times before, one day he went out with his golf coach.  He checked the wind, he silently adjusted his feel, he held the club correctly, he bent his knees and softened his elbows and then he drew back, a long exacting swing and he struck the ball.  It was a mighty thwack and he stared off into the distance, to realize in horror that he was miles away from the raised flag that signaled his destination.  He clutched his golf club with frustrated rage and struggled not to swing it across the green in utter failure.  He wanted to scream and shout and throw a tantrum, his frustration was so long and so deep.  Quietly and calmly a voice came from behind him and said, you were about 3mm off, let’s try again.  The Millionaire turned to his Golf Coach absolutely aghast and wanted to ask him if he was mentally ill or if he was indeed blind.  “How could you possibly mean that Coach, I was off by a mile!”  The Millionaire started walking back to the golf cart.  The coach looked up at him and said, it is all about perspective.  If you alter your perspective and indeed your swing by just 3 small millimeters then you will land in the hole.  You are aiming for the distance miles away, your swing is too wide.  But if you concentrate on the point of connection with the ball, and adjust that by just 3mm’s, then you will achieve your goal.

I remember hearing that story and as the Motivational Speaker said, you were off by 3mm’s … the whole room opened up to me and I got it.  Sometimes we are so deep and heavy and lost in the storm that we can’t raise our heads to see the bigger picture … then we must go to those people that bless our lives and ask for perspective.  People who help us to see the bigger picture, people whom we trust, people who have our highest good at heart, people who are able to assist us in shifting our perspectives … those people.

At the moment I am in the eye of the storm … so easily I could be swallowed into that hole but this long weekend (in South Africa) has given me time to rest (much much needed rest), re-group, (in the words of the great GPS) re-calculate and re-member what is important to me.  An opportunity to re-turn to source.  Sometimes we are so busy in the do’ing and in the achiev’ing that we lose touch with the be’ing.

So what have I learned … I used to work with a woman, who one day when we were in the thick of activities, she stopped me and said “Collette, enjoy the journey”.  Just that, just those simple words …

I suppose something I am learning, dare I say it, (as I get older) is that LIFE doesn’t have to be hard, yes there are hard moments and difficult things that we have to traverse but in so doing, we MUST enjoy the journey or else what is the point?  I do not, can not and will not believe that the Divine created us for struggle, torment and hardship.

So our challenge this month is two-fold … Our word for June is Perspective.  I challenge each and every one reading this to be someone’s Perspective Coach this month (remember the rules – love, big picture, trust, highest good at heart, a positive shift in perspective) to help one another see the situation differently, positively and to encourage.

And then to Enjoy the Journey, make it fun, make it real and make it manageable to your flow, to your level of busy.  Sometimes there is a need to push through to get to the other side of that goal, that target but we can’t do that all the time … Sometimes we need to be enjoying the journey …

Much Love Always!
Collette in Cape Town

Song of the Post … Life is a Highway! By Rascal Flatts … I do love me a bit of Rascal Flatts!  

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