Problem or Solution? You Get to Choose!

So here’s the thing … for a long, really long while I have been praying and contemplating change in a few areas of my life, like ripples on a river the Divine delivered a truckload, in fact there could have been three truckloads and you guessed it, they all arrived at the same time.

Overwhelmed and mired down by the logistics and the reality of all of the change, did I mention I asked for it … I got a little tangled up in the scariness of how change presents itself.  And then it started.  The downward spiral into WHAT THE FRIGGY DIGGY WAS I THINKING? (exchange said FRIGGY DIGGY for any expletive of your choosing).  Fear galloped in and I wanted to swim back to the burning boat instead of ahead to the scary locals on the shore.  Weighed down by the change, bad habits became my fall-back friend.  Slowly my frame wilted (and doubled), the spring in my step dragged, my language changed and all of a sudden woe was snippy me.  At the same time, I found myself watching ugly fall-out in a space just off my periphery.  Of course that I could see, clearly … and sadly it was (is) horrible!  Miss-understanding, ego, stubborn, obstinate, error, confusion and what looked like someone stirring the pot, just slightly off to the left.  Of course I was so incredibly busy and my meditations, affirmations and gratitude’s went right out of the window, until I remembered my name again or the dog stopped growling at me.

Then my sister reminded me of the story of the old Indian Chief speaking to his grandchild about the battle between Two Wolves , good and evil.  The grandchild asked his wise Grandfather, which one wins and his Grandfather says to him … the one that you feed.  So true.  It hit me!  And words that I often say to my children, stumbled into my mind … you are either part of the problem or you are part of the solution – you get to choose.  Right in that moment, I chose and I HAD to be part of the solution.

Deepak, bless him, started another 21 day Mediation, refocusing my mind (of course all in perfect Divine Timing).  Meditations commenced, gratitude’s restarted, manifestation resumed, and sure enough … change started to look beautiful again and not quite so overwhelming.

So what have I learned … I learned that God does indeed have a sense of humour, just when I thought I had gotten a handle on a few items, I was reminded of my humility … again.  I was reminded how hard I had worked to not be the control freak because really I am not great when I don’t know what I am doing.  I was presented with an opportunity to learn gracefully … I am not sure I passed that course – but I have no doubt that lesson will come around again.  I hope to handle it better next time …

I was also reminded that it is imperative to be part of the solution and that sometimes that means stepping back, releasing the ego of that moment, and enjoying the small victories. 

This particular bout of change reminded me of my boundaries, how important they are.  We really do teach people how to treat us!

And that I must use my Super-Powers for good, for the solution and for positive change. 

July’s word of the month is Solution
May we have them, may we bring them, may we make them beneficial to all …

Holding out for gorgeous!!!

Much Love Always!
Collette in Cape Town

Song of the Post … In the arms of an angel  Sarah McLachlan


Kathleen said...

If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you....

Brilliant post as always, Collette. Hang in there!

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