Gather and Remember!

Apologies for the silence … when I tell you that August and September have been a blur, I kid you frikken NOT … but what a beautiful blur … so where were we …

An interesting observation.  In November last year, I attended corporate training and when I tell you that I was out of my depth … again, I am not being falsely modest.  As I looked around the room, there were a couple of people from the nuclear industry (the frikken nuclear industry!!!!), a helicopter pilot, some people in the transport world, a couple of folks from health & safety … and me.  As I looked around the room I was intimidated into mumbles.  At the end of day 1 (of 4 days) my head was pounding and I was wondering how on earth I got in the room.  But then a very interesting thing happened, early on day 2 it dawned on me … we were all here to learn the same thing and what I found was that if I silenced the voices questioning why I was in the room (in my head and if truth be uttered, written on a few faces) these fine clever(er) people literally grew me (up) into a different space.  I definitely left more informed, but I am convinced I left smarter by being around them, watching how they learned, listening to them (oh and the training).

I had the same wonderful experience this weekend, as I spent the weekend with a gathering of wonderful, warm, giving, published and yet to be published South African Romance Writers .  It was exciting and nerve-racking and inspiring and humbling (yes I am aware there are supposed to be comma’s there – I am using and on purpose) … and it was wonderful!  (I can’t even meditate to calm down.)  I have come away from these two days elevated by ideas, thoughts, learning's, wicked jokes, eye-candy, laughter and support.  ROSACon2015 has been a resounding success and I am the better for it, and fingers crossed, a better writer.

So what have I learned … and where am I going with this … I am learning that it is imperative to gather with your tribe, the more the merrier.  I love love love the fact that I can be with friends and family who have known me for decades years and when we have all gorged on the braai, we can undo our jeans buttons together but sometimes it is so important to be with people who are like minded in the pursuit of your dreams and – at the risk of quoting Josh Groban – who raise you up!   

That said, within the first two hours of the event, listening to the speakers and terminology, I wanted to dig a hole … and then I remembered …

So hang with those that love you, those that you can be you with … but seek out and gather with those that raise you up, that stretch you to be a better you.  And then remember that you are made of star-stuff …

Much Love Always!
Collette in Cape Town

Song of the Post … Cheerleader by OMI   (Although OMI is Jamaican … he is definitely ROCKING an African vibe and someone was channeling Hugh Masekela in there too.) Or this AMAZING version Cheerleader a cappella by Pentatonix both are AWESOME!  Turn up the sound!

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