Reset the Clocks

Stop the bus, I need to get off.  Let’s press pause, for just a moment.  Let’s stop for a minute and take a knee.  How many times have we wanted to do that?  I find myself there right now.  I need to pause, for just a moment so I can catch my breath, so I can become whole again and then … if needs be, we can continue from where we left off but I am hoping that with wholeness and a moment to think, we will see and we will learn.  But life in her beautiful, complex, sassy humour doesn’t necessarily work that way.  Does she?

I find myself in need of a Clock Reset, a do over.  The timing of which I find rather funny, considering those who set their clocks back for winter, have just done so.  It’s also sobering to think, that we are well into November.  Eleven months have flown by … how did we do?  So with just a few short weeks remaining in this year (my poor friends are being tormented by my regular Christmas Countdown), how do we plan to handle November?  And December, what do you propose to do with her?

I have been thinking about this blog post for about three weeks, its taunted me; for brief moments it would appear in front of my mind’s eye, but then it either didn’t feel right(write) or I wasn’t near my laptop or the snippet evaporated as quickly as it arrived.  Then slowly, when I settled this morning in a quiet moment, bits and pieces filtered in, more clutches of words really, a song here and there, a line from a poem.  These clutches of words, the line from the poem, required - from me at least - a quick Clock Reset to Finish Strong (there you go, that is the first clutch of words).  A quick Clock Reset is required to Persevere (even though we have used this as a word before, we had it for June 2015).   Another was Lean In, now an incredibly strong catch phrase, made famous by Sheryl Sandberg.  More were Don’t Give Up!  and Go Big or Go Home!  Whatever your phrase is going to be for November, take a moment to think about it between beats, a quick Clock Reset, a quick calibration, a minute to re-group, re-collect, re-align, to Finish 2015 Strong!  I think that one is going to be my catch phrase for November – Finish Strong! 

Let’s take a moment, let’s reset the clocks and in that moment between now and then …

 … in that space between breathing in and out, in that moment between now and then, in that zone between right and wrong, between blame … lets connect and just enjoy each other’s company and remember what we love about each other, what we love about life, what we love about who we are, what we love about what we do … and in that moment of re-grouping and re-aligning … get stronger, whole(er), and then … then … we can Finish Strong!

One of the songs that has hounded me for the last couple of weeks has been Runnin’ (credited below) and the line that keeps finding me is … If I lose myself, I lose it all.  Every time I hear that line, it is like a bell ringing LOUDLY through my head, don’t lose yourself in the process Collette.  The other two songs have equal resonance, Hello from the Outside and I pick my Poison and it’s you!  I’m going to run with If I lose myself, I lose it all. 

What are you going to do in November to Finish Strong?

Much Love Always!
Collette in Cape Town

Songs of the Post … much like the blog today, more than one Song Runnin' by Naughty Boy ft. BeyoncĂ©, Arrow Benjamin or Hello by Adele or Poison by Rita Ora.

PS – As of today 8 Nov 2015, only 46 sleeps until Christmas …

All credit to the artists named.

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