What Gifts Are You Bringing?

Congratulations!  We made it to 2016!  A whole new bright shiny year lies ahead of us – full of promise and possibility!

Some blog posts fall off my fingers, they can’t wait to be written - the message, clear and singular.  This post has changed its mind, taken its time, changed its theme, taken about 10 days to write and still it won’t flow … but I have decided that even though it was difficult not finishing the year with a round-up post for 2015, I am just going to go with the flow and see where this post takes us … here we go …

2015 was a REALLY challenging year for me, but I learned so much and it taught me so many important lessons, which made me wonder - was it hard or was it worth it?  There were moments when I wasn’t sure.  Rarely do we thank the hard lessons, the difficult teachers, the moments when an unguarded insight, revealed more than we care to own up to.  As I considered the year and indeed this post, I realized – Did I get the lessons?  Did I learn?  Was I teachable?  And in those questions, for me at least … that was the crux of the matter.  Did I learn?  I do know I have come out of 2015, wiser, stronger and knowing myself so much more than this time last year.  So galvanised and grateful in the knowledge that I have grown, I loving thank you 2015 for your lessons and service, and I look forward excited and expectantly, to 2016.

There is always something expectant about January of a New Year, we have the opportunity to start anew, blaze a new trail, go after those new (or old) resolutions with fresh vigour, start that exercise program.  In the southern hemisphere we are in the heart of summer, so tackling that healthy eating plan feels do’able, turning over a new year leaf and all that … and I am sure you are making all of those fresh, healthy choices already.

My annual challenge for us all in this January of 2016 is twofold.

  1. Again, I challenge us to set our intention for this new wonderful year, by selecting 3 whole glorious new words for yourself for 2016.  Words, you want to achieve, words you want to be known for, words you want to live by for 2016.  A quick recap of the 3-Word Challenge Criteria:  1)  You need to select 3 whole glorious words!  Specific to what you want for you for 2016!  The 3-words must:  2)  Be positive!  3)  Speak to you and your intentions for 2016 – personal goal setting!  4)  Encapsulate all your hopes, desires, needs and dreams for your 2016!  5)  Be 3 distinct individual words like Travel, Abundance & Balance instead of Win Lotto Please!
  2. And secondly – What Gifts are YOU Bringing to 2016?  What do you have to offer 2016 that is new, fresh and uniquely of service, to lift up our space … a better place to be?  I suppose then that it is no coincidence then that this post is being written on the feast of the Epiphany – when the Wise Men brought gifts.  So on this Epiphany What Gifts are YOU Bringing to 2016?

So what have I learned … I am all about self-improvement (and I still am) but those very words self-improvement imply that I need to change, that I am not currently enough as I am.  I am learning that although there is always room for mastery – I am enough and perfect in this very moment and so are you.  I have what I need in this very moment to take the next step, to move forward.  Deferentially, I bring something uniquely Collette to the table that no-one else can bring and that is what I am going to bring to 2016.  Confidently!  What do you uniquely bring into your space, that no-other person can offer?  That.  THAT!  Then bring THAT with confidence, as that is your gift.

I am not sure what lies ahead of us in 2016, but I can feel that there is a lot more change afoot.  On the 8th February the Chinese will usher in the Year of the Red Monkey.  I love that Pope Francis (love this guy) has called for a Year of Mercy – boy do we need it … our homes, our relationships, our lives, our communities, our country, our world, our planet.

So as we start this New Year – I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear all about your 3 words AND what gift do you bring to 2016 … then go out there and bring it with passion!  I dare you!

Much Love Always!
Collette in Cape Town

Songs of the PostWasn't Expecting That!  by Jamie Lawson


Dorothy E said...

Love it! So this year I've decided Balance • Health • Abundance. Here's to a simply AWESOME 2016. <3

Sumi Singh said...

What a great challenge Colette! Still thinking through my 3 words, once they speak to me, I will follow suit and write a resolution blog post. Wishing you a fabulous 2016.xx

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