#Hashtag It!

Ok, so where were we then … oh yes … January and our 3-Word Challenge.  My word but it is April … where has the time gone?  Well my plan was to post a lot more in 2016 but CHANGE rushed up to me, like in a crowded train station and threw his arms around me and hugged me so close, crushing my breath in my chest, not letting go for a good few seconds (read months) and then pinched me on the bum like a cheeky continental … oh how I love cheeky continentals!

Then February and March flew past us and here we are – hips deep in change and embracing April.  So as I shrug my shoulders, I ask myself in a heavy Bronx accent - so what are you going to do about it?  I know I didn’t have much choice other than to hold on for dear life and pray I did it with a wee bit of decorum.  (I am not sure I got the latter right.)

So in the middle of the week from hell – I stopped.  I am driving this train that is called MY LIFE – right?  I get to choose – right?  I get a say – right?  So taking an even bigger breath I SCREAMED NO (in my head mind you because we wouldn’t want the people on the outside to think I am completely crazy.)   I stopped.  Said No.  And remembered that I change my reality with my thoughts and my mind.  So?  What do I want?  Not what do I not want.  What do I want?  I knew I didn’t want this but again I had to regroup and with clarity and focus decide what it is that I wanted.
In that week (from hell), I had a couple of difficult instances and I found myself spiralling into a snippy ugly space.  Someone cut me off in the traffic, I snorted and retorted well why am I not surprised?  That was just one of many moments of quick thoughtless comebacks, but the moment the comment had left my lips or my mind, I didn’t like it.  So I thought about it – in the traffic, like you do – how do I turn this around?  I needed a go-to word or phrase that could instantly course correct.  What do I want to do?  What do I want to be?  What do I want?  Ghandi’s quote came to mind … Be the change you want to see and then it was all very simple.  I had to Be The Love!  Giving it a modern twist it had to #BeTheLove!  And from then on I knew … I had to #BeTheLove!  In the face of whatever was coming at me #BeTheLove!  Now let me be clear, I am not saying #BeTheDoormat there is no stretch of the imagination that I am EVER telling me or anyone else for that matter, to be the doormat but I am saying that whatever we have to say\defend\stand sacred ground on\accomplish in that moment, it does not and should not make me feel yukkie as it reaches my ears.  And I had been in rather murky waters for a while. 

So now when I want to snip back an unkind, tired, frustrated comment … now I stop myself and try very hard to #BeTheLove!

So what have I learned.  I even have one hashtag that clearly sets the intent for the year.  When I was selecting my 3-Words for 2016 of Balance, Purpose and Joy, what I learned about myself in 2015 is that I have to be enjoying the journey.  If I am not enjoying the journey well then … why on earth bother.  So my hashtag for this year for me, is #2016BountifulJoy! that I know will flow over onto my family and friends, which will in turn make me even fuller’er’er of Joy.  Yah!  Happy Me!

Now those are specific to me but I have been using this technique with friends, one wonderful friend was feeling anxious and she chose #AngelsHaveMyBack!  What a beautiful, calming affirmation!  Another is a wonderful person on the brink of a daunting adventure, this person chose #LivingTheAdventurousFairytale!  Another friend is in pursuit of blessed, healthy, sexy love but too wrestles with worthiness – that person selected #FeelTheLove!

So my challenge for you this month is … what is your hashtag.  What is your go-to phrase or word that you are going to turn to in the heat of mayhem, that will keep you feeling good, positive and moving forward for your highest good.  You might need some courage #Courageous&Victorious!  You might need an injection of self-estimate #EverybodyLovesMe.  You might need some more peace in your life #IAmSafe&PeaceFlowsFromMe!   You might need health   #HealthRadiatesThruMe!  Whatever your hashtag, play around with it, make it positive and have fun …

I look forward to hearing from you about your #HashTags in the comments below … ready, steady, GO!

Much Love Always!
Collette in Cape Town

Songs of the PostArmy by Ellie Goulding

#BeTheLove!  #BeingTheLove!  #2016BountifulJoy!


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