Cosmic Release & Renew!

For a period of time, I worked on an IT helpdesk.  Back in the archaic dos days, when you needed your pc to release its current IP address, you would type on that grainy black window with white blinking writing IP Release, give the pc a moment to think and then you would type IP Renew to obtain a new IP.  Well this is the week we engage in Cosmic Release & Renew.

I don’t know about you but never in my adult life have I drudged through a year like 2016, that never quite got off the starting blocks but whizzed by all at the same time.  Lots of hurry up and waits and lots and lots and lots of contrast.  Lots of light and dark, lots of happy, many sads.  2016 the Year of the Lessons.  There were moments of utter heart-break and then minutes of tearful joy.  There were deafening periods of loss and crystal bolts of awareness.  It was a year of release, we now look forward to the renew …

So what have I learned … normally I go into each New Year filled with over-enthusiastic, naïve excitement about the promise of what will be.  I already know that 2017 will bring lots of change for me, I don’t mind change but sometimes the catalyst is pyroclastic.  While I am aware and eager for what is to come … this year I am going to slip quietly into 2017, trying not to many too many waves.  I am going to Release 2016 and cuddle her close, whispering in her ear my thanks for her lessons – there were many.  She has prepared me for what is to come, made me wiser, more intuitive, more self-sufficient, more aware of who I am, what I will tolerate … if sadly a little less naïve.  But here we go …

I Lovingly Release 2016

And I Graciously Renew into 2017

I set no “New Year’s Resolutions” as such but I do set intentions for the year.  I will still do that.  But I do definitely know one thing at the root of my being in 2017 I want to be Building More Temples and I want this year to be defining.

What are you releasing in 2016 – leaving it firmly there and what are you Renewing in 2017.  I look forward to hearing from you …

SO Much Love Always!
Collette in Cape Town

Songs of the PostRISE by Katy Perry


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