Be Willing or Walk Away …

It is as simple as that.  Do something 300% or go find something you WANT to be doing 300%.  We have a finite amount of time here, why are we wasting it?

Seeing as how we are such close friends, we can share the truth with each other … if we are going to be absolutely honest, very rarely in life are we forced to endure something we truly dislike (root-canal excluded).  We might feel like we are forced, but if we REALLY think about it, no-one is forcing you to stay in that job, there is a reason you are staying.  No-one is forcing you to wear that outfit.  No-one is forcing you to spend the day with people you would rather not.  Having said that, for all things, there are exceptions … sometimes you have to go through the most excruciating experience of losing someone, or saying a painful goodbye to a beloved friend.  Sometimes we have to go through the medical treatment to get to the wellness on the other side.  And sometimes we have to do some things because our mother’s expect it from us, but as we get older, we get better at setting those boundaries too.  Mom I love you more than the moon, but I need to do this thing tomorrow afternoon, so I can’t come over to do that thing, but I will see you on Friday morning.  Ok?

I remember once attending a development workshop with a wonderful facilitator and at the start she said;  I only require that you have a willingness to change.  She didn’t want me to change in the workshop, she just wanted me to be willing.  Recently I delivered training and I knew I had a hard nut in the room.  I went into it fully aware.  “I can change this for the better”, I believed.  I came out of that training with a completely different perspective.  Be Willing or Walk Away …

Do the work that fires up your soul or slowly you will die from the inside.  Love the place you go to every day, or resentment will eat away at you.  Be fully present, be with someone completely or release both them and you so that the person who WANTS to be with you 300% can enter.

When someone invites you for a cup of coffee, don’t show up lukewarm, be enthusiastic about being in their presence or truthfully decline, because you would rather not be there.  I have invited folks to coffee and their reply was … why not?  Why not?  Why not?  Because my energy, time and presence are sacred (as are theirs) and if you have something more pressing to be doing, then please by all means, you go ahead and check that off your list.  Get that done, because I can feel that you are lukewarm about this and coffee is best served hot, rich and robust.  A gathering of two or three or four people or a million people, is supposed to be a celebration of the moment, a coming together of communal spirit to laugh, or cry, or celebrate, or for no other purpose than pure joy.

If something is not for you … speak your truth, with as much kindness as you can muster, if it doesn’t resonate with you 300%, and if you are not willing … then release them and walk away.  Go do something you really want to be doing.

So what have I learned …
  1. Do What You Love!  And if you can’t do what you love right now, find a way to love what you do.  But you have to LOVE it, or it will slowly suffocate you.
  2. Honour your Contribution!  This is a big one!  You bring a unique contribution to whatever task you deliver.  Value that!  Not boastfully but with a deep sense of delivery, a job well done.  And in return, it will be valued.  Know your worth.  Value your standards.
  3. Speak Your Truth!  ALWAYS!  Kindly, but boldly, speak your truth!
  4. Be Willing!  Be willing to listen, be willing to learn, be willing to apologize, be willing to see the patterns, be willing to change, be willing to love, be willing to trust, be willing to relent, be willing to be kind, be willing to inspire, be willing to forgive, be willing to grow, be willing to take the first step, be willing to be brave, be willing to see, be willing to walk away … if it is not serving you.

Always … SO Much Love!
Collette in Cape Town

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